A medical worker, who was caring for quarantined patients in Bokhtar hospital, has died.  According to official data, she died of tuberculosis.

A 58-year-old Oishamoh Alimova, a medical worker at the hospital named after Bouri Vohidov in Bokhtar, the capital of the Khatlon province, died on April 12.  She reportedly worked in the department, in which there were quarantined Tajik citizens arriving from abroad.

Central regional hospital in Bokhtar; photmade by a patient.

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population, the causes of the death were infiltrative tuberculosis and problems in the cardiovascular system.  

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population calls on citizens of the country not to believe unfounded rumors about spread of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country and relay only on the official data.  

The Tajik Health Ministry insists that, as of April 13, there has not been one confirmed case of the coronavirus infection in the country.

The ministry said that 7,560 people were taken under a mandatory two-week quarantine after arriving in Tajikistan from abroad between February 1 and April 13. It added that, as of April 13, there were 1,836 people still in quarantine and none of those released had the coronavirus.  

Of 326 foreign citizens, who had been taken under quarantine since February 1, only five are still quarantine.