The local authorities of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) have reported on funds raised for coronavirus relief.

According to the GBAO government’s press center, 94,689 somoni have been spent from a special account opened at Amonatbonk (Tajikistan’s savings bank) as of June 15.  The funds have reportedly been distributed among medical facilities in the region.

“30,000 somoni have been given to the central district hospital in Murgab, 42,129 somoni have been given to the Khorog ambulance service, 10,000 somoni have been given to the hospital in the Navobod jamoat in the Shugnan district, 10,000 somoni have been given to the ambulance service in the Porshnev jamoat of the Shugnan district, and 2,650 somoni have been given the GBAO fire department for purchase of fuel for disinfection of streets in Khorog,” the GBAO government’s press center said.   

304,814 somoni have reportedly remained on the special account opened to collect funds to combat coronavirus in the region.  

The GBAO administration expresses gratitude to entrepreneurs, organizations, enterprises and all those who have transferred funds to this account to combat novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the region.  

Recall, the GBAO regional TV station Badakhshon on June 8 showed a meeting of GBAO governor, Mr. Yodgor Faizov, with senior representatives of relevant regional agencies.

Speaking at a meeting, Mr. Faizov noted on June 8 that 1,506 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the region.  1,132 patients (78 percent) have recovered.  22 coronavirus-linked deaths (1.5 percent) have been reported in GBAO.  GBAO governor noted that those who died were older people having chronic diseases.