Some 20 students gathered outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Dushanbe yesterday urging the authorities to find a way for them to travel to Russia for their studies.  

Tajik students of Russian universities who have been prevented from leaving Tajikistan due to travel restrictions imposed to stem the spread of the coronavirus are pleading the authorities for help. 

These students entered universities in the Russian Federation this year and they say that if they do not arrive at the place of study, perhaps they will be expelled.

Stuck Tajik students of Russian universities complain they are unable to study online because Internet connections are too slow and too expensive in Tajikistan.  Besides, they cite frequent electricity outages.    

Meanwhile, some students, for example those studying to be a pilot or a programmer, say the distance learning does not suit them because “only books are not enough.”   

MFA official Parviz Najmiddinov met with the students and told them the matter was being discussed with relevant ministries and agencies of the Russian Federation.

According to him, they addressed this issue to the relevant structures of Russia back in August.  “The epidemiological situation is not yet stable, and therefore, this issue is still under consideration by the Russian side,” Najmiddinov said. 

Tens of thousands of Tajiks are studying at foreign university every year. The vast majority of them are enrolled at universities of Russia, China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.