Now each of us can receive online consultations on a wide range of issues and completely free of charge.

For over 18 years, the Consumer Union of Tajikistan has been engaged in public protection of consumer rights. Since 2003, the organization launched a consulting center for receiving applications from citizens - consumers, through which about 5000 consumers received the necessary legal assistance.

During this period, the Union has done a lot. The activity on the practical protection of consumer rights in the pre-trial and judicial order, as well as at the stage of enforcement proceedings was constantly supported.

The rights of thousands of consumers were protected in various areas: low-quality household appliances, furniture, food, clothing, medical and tourism services, as well as air transportation services, electricity, water supply, maintenance services for apartment buildings etc.

During the period of its activity, the Union of Consumers has helped to return to consumers more than 1 million dollars, paid for a poor-quality product or service.       

And today the Union is launching an online web resource so that each consumer has the opportunity to find the necessary information about their rights as a consumer, to consult, and also to seek legal assistance to protect their rights.