Tajik judoka Komronshoh Ustopiriyon has qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, bringing the current number of Tajik athletes qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics to four, according to the Tajikistan Judo Federation.

Komronshoh Ustopiriyon ranks 19th among 398 world judokas in the men’s 90 kg.

Komronshoh Ustopiriyon (born 7 January 1993) competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, in the men's 90 kg.

To-date, four Tajik athletes have qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics: Bahodur Usmonov (boxing); Shabbos Nematulloyev (boxing); Gulsumbi Sharipova (athletics); and Komronshoh Ustopiriyon (judo).

From among Tajik judokas, Somon Mahmadbekov, who ranks 15th on the Olympic ranking list, is closer than others to getting an Olympic license.

Somon Mahmadbekov won gold medal finishing first in the 73kg category at the World U-21 Judo Championships that was held in Marrakech, Morocco, and bronze medal at the Osaka Grand Slam 2019, finishing third in the 73kg weight category.  Besides, he won silver medal for Tajikistan at the 2021 Asian Judo Championships, finishing second in the 73kg weight category.