The Government of Tajikistan has endorsed the Plan of Actions on implementation of the National Concept to Attract Compatriots Living Abroad as Partners for Development for 2021-2025.   

The government’s decree on endorsement of this plan is available of the legal information portal of the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan.

Relevant government agencies and local governments are instructed to ensure the implementation of this plan of actions.  

Information on the implementation of the Plan of Actions must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor Migration and Employment of the Population (MoLMEP).  

The plan of Actions contains 24 points, which are grouped under the following categories:


-           Creating the system of permanent relationship with compatriots living abroad;

-           Carrying out information and cultural events to maintain national values, culture, history and the Tajik language inside and outside the country;

-           Attracting compatriot living abroad as partners for development;

-           Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Plan of Actions.


The Plan also provides for establishing the Coordination Council and Public Fund and launching a special Internet portal.  

Besides, the Plan provides for developing and implementing projects with participation of Tajik migrants, attracting their money into the country’s economy, etc.  

Recall the previous Plan of Actions of the National Concept of Attracting Compatriots Living Abroad as Partners for the Development was designed for 2015-2020

The Concept foresaw the following actions:

-       To put on conferences, workshops, creative evenings, events for youth and children , in close cooperation with diaspora organizations; as well as to invite diasporas to the celebration of national events including Independence Day of Tajikistan;

-       To run competitions and events for diaspora organizations (“The Union of the Best Diaspora

Organizations”, “Best scientist of Tajik diasporas”, “Best Cultural Center”, “The best Tajik School of Diasporas”, “The best media reporter of Tajik diasporas”);

-       To provide assistance to those Tajik diasporas, labor migrants, compatriots and Tajiks abroad who wish to create cultural and educational centers, courses, schools, libraries;

-       To attract highly qualified specialists from among the Tajik diaspora, labor migrants, compatriots and Tajiks from abroad to implement investment projects;

-       To provide technical support and access to the educational materials for the diaspora organizations.