The Aviation Agency says that the cost of round-trip air tickets from Tajikistan to Russia should not exceed $ 500, but in fact this price is only one way ticket.

Not so long ago, the Civil Aviation Agency said that tickets in Tajikistan are expensive, because the flights are charter, now they are regular. And?


The cost of air tickets Tajikistan-Russia in both directions should not exceed $ 450-500 (5100-5700 somoni). That is, if a ticket from Dushanbe to Moscow is sold for $ 300, then on the other hand there should be $ 200. This is stated in the official response of the Civil Aviation Agency to the request "Asia-Plus"

We sent a request to the Agency to find out why the prices for air tickets are not reduced (as promised) after regular flights have opened..

«This is the cost in both directions. For example, if a ticket from Dushanbe to Moscow costs $ 300 (3400 somoni), then a ticket from Moscow to Dushanbe should cost $ 200 (2300 somoni)», - explained in the agency.

It is noted that this tariff was approved in June this year, and the decrease in the cost of tickets is associated with the launch of regular flights. The agency's response says that the airlines of the Russian Federation in an official letter confirmed that they will sell tickets for no more than $ 500 in both directions.

«Nowadays, ticket prices are much cheaper than they used to be. At points of sale, the cost of air tickets in the Russian Federation is 5600-5900 somoni ($ 500- $ 520) in both directions (round trip)», - said in the letter of the agency.

Let's note right away for understanding that there is no reduction as such. The plan to sell round-trip tickets for no more than $ 500 has existed before. More on this below.

 Somon Air: "We have preferential terms"

The letter from the Civil Aviation Agency does not mention the reduction in the cost of air tickets on the part of Somon Air.

But in the airline told Asia-Plus that from the cities of Tajikistan to the cities of Russia and back, tariffs have already been set from $ 440 (5000 somoni).

«Air tickets are sold according to the tariff scale and on the terms of the depth of sale. The increase in flights, and as a result, the supply, already has a beneficial effect on the price level for consumers», - reported in the company.

Somon Air noted that the airline has socially-oriented commercial preferential terms that foreign airlines do not have.

There are no such prices

According to the passengers with whom we were able to speak, the indicated official ticket prices are not available at the box office of the capital. Prices only one way - from Tajikistan to Russia range from 5000 to 6500 somoni.

Cheap tickets can be found from Russian companies for November and December. Most of the tickets for September and the first half of October have already been sold, according to sellers, while the remaining tickets are sold at a higher price.