At the Asian Boxing Championship, the Kyrgyz boxer Zhakshylyk Tilek uulu showed aggression against the Tajik athlete Khusravkhon Rakhimov, for which he was disqualified.

A Kyrgyz boxer kicked our athlete in the first round, for which he received a penalty point. At the end of the three-minute period, the athletes met in close combat, and after the gong, Tilek uulu decided to butt Rakhimov.

As a result, the arbiter before the second round decided to stop the fight and award the victory to the representative of Tajikistan, Khusravkhon Rakhmov, due to the disqualification of the violator.

Frustrated by this decision, Tilek uulu could not hold back his tears, and after the announcement of the verdict, he slightly pushed his opponent.

Following the results of the preliminary tournaments, several boxers from Tajikistan advanced to the next stage. They will continue to fight for the semi-finals, which will be held on January 25-26.