On Monday May 23, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized a national event to raise awareness of climate change based on collective intelligence based on virtual platform.

Conducted by the support of UNDP and FCDO under the "The Policy Action for Climate Security in Central Asia" Project Phase II, and with a technical facilitation of Educational Center “Algoritmika”, "Climate Fresk", a fun, collaborative, and creative workshop, brought together 23 youth, 

During the game, the participants acquired theoretical and practical knowledge on the cause-and-effects of the impact that humanity exert by its daily economic and household activities.  In particular, they have got acquainted with the scale of the exposure of CO2 emissions, temperature increase, greenhouse effect, melting of pack ice etc.

"The game attracted my attention!  After the experience that we had today with the Climate Fresk, I can evaluate my impact on the climate more adequately and now I really realize my own input into the climate resilience," a young volunteer Munira Gulova said. 

"This is new experience for me, and I enjoyed it a lot.  We had some basic information on the climate change and measures being taken, but by means of this game youth can acquire complex information easily" another young volunteer Muhammadsharif Hamidov noted.  

The Climate Fresk is based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports and is an international innovative tool for climate education – an immersive game in which one can get a more complete picture of climate change by building cause-and-effect relationships.  And most importantly, the game allows the participants to see the role of human beings in climate change and think about how humans can solve the problems.

The Climate Fresk was created in 2015 by Cédric Ringenbach to raise climate science awareness among a maximum number of people around the world.  Recognizing the scale of the climate change issues, the Climate Fresk aims to reach one million people worldwide with climate education by 2023 through the game.  The game is available in 25 languages, and Climate Fresk operates in more than 40 countries.

The Policy Action for Climate Security in Central Asia Project Phase II, funded by the UK Government, promotes regional cooperation on climate policy.  It’s aimed to enhance policy action for climate security in Central Asia through supporting more robust and coherent climate change action and increasing public awareness.  One of the important activities under this project is to enable access to information on climate risks and opportunities to civil society, youth, and women-led organizations and contribute to greater public awareness.