Online users talk about lower prices for air tickets from Russian cities to Tajikistan, this is also confirmed by information on airline websites. Although only 2 weeks ago tickets sold out very quickly, and there were almost no tickets left for the next dates. After the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, the price of a ticket could reach 101,755 rubles per person.

If on the 20th of September a ticket on the Moscow-Dushanbe route for «Ural Airlines» and «NordStar» cost at least 39,722 Russian rubles, today 24,948 rubles is the maximum price.

So, according to the official website of Utair, from St. Petersburg to Dushanbe, prices from October 6 range from 22,880 to 26,910 rubles, depending on the tariff. And from Moscow to Dushanbe you can fly for a maximum of 24,948 rubles.

Slightly higher prices for flights from Surgut (from 24,675 to 28,985 rubles) and Tyumen (from 24,295 to 27,840 rubles) to Dushanbe. But, as an employee of one of the Dushanbe air ticket offices explained, this is due to the fact that the frequency of flights to Tajikistan from these cities is much lower.

Prices have also decreased for «Ural Airlines», which, at a time of great demand for tickets to Tajik cities, set the highest prices among Russian airlines. Then it was possible to fly from Moscow to Dushanbe for at least 17,000 somoni.

Today, the Moscow-Dushanbe route costs from 19,026 to 23,661 rubles. Even cheaper to get to Khujand: from 13,903 to 15,538 rubles.