Alongside, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, Tajikistan has re-entered the list of the countries most visited by Russian tourists, RBK reports, citing findings of polls carried out by Renaissance Insurance Group and Ozon Travel.     

In all, 1,579 people at the age of 18 living in Russian million-plus cities have reportedly been surveyed.  The study was conducted by the method of online survey.

Meanwhile, those surveyed have called the most dangerous countries for tourism: the United States (53 percent); France (49 percent); Mexico (48 percent); India and Tunisia (47 percent).

45 percent of those surveyed have also called Tukriye the most dangerous country for tourism. 

Maldives, Seychelles, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Cyprus and China were called the safest countries for tourism: 71 percent, 68 percent, 68 percent, 66 percent and 65 percent, respectively.  

Renaissance Insurance Group is a privately-owned insurance company.

Ozon Travel is an online service for travel arrangements.