The U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan, Mr. Manuel Micaller, supports the national soccer team of Tajikistan, which is making progress at the Asian Cup in Qatar.

“Congratulations to the National Soccer Team of Tajikistan!

“On behalf of the US Embassy, I want to wish you luck in the Asian Cup quarterfinals.

“We are proud of you and will be cheering for a win!

“Forward together! Tojikiston ba pesh (Go Tajikistan)! - U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan, Manuel Micaller” US Ambassador Manuel Micaller wrote on US Embassy Telegram.  

Today, the national soccer team of Tajikistan is playing against the Jordan national soccer team.  

Recall, Tajikistan, which is in 106th position in FIFA ranking, qualified for the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup by beating on January 28 the better-resourced United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is in 64th position in FIFA ranking.     

Today, Tajikistan is facing in Qatar’s capital, Doha, Jordan, which is in 87th position in FIFA ranking.  

This is the first time that Tajikistan has ever reached the knockout stages of this tournament