Specialists form the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan jointly with the National Company for Information and Communications Technologies developed a mobile application “SOS”, one of the most important tasks of which is to help a person act effectively in an emergency situation.

“At the moment, the testing process is underway, after which any owner of a modern smartphone can install it, based on Android and IOS operating systems,” says the Emergencies Committee press center.  

Application users in extreme situations will no longer need to search for answers to their questions in search sites, the answers will always be at hand.  

“Information placed in the software product will help you navigate and act effectively in case of difficult circumstances,” says the press center.  

According to the Emergencies Committee press center, “the main functions of this application are educational materials, helpful safety tips and guides developed by emergency experts.”  The training modules are reportedly designed to be easy and understandable to convey important information to the user easily and clearly.

The application, designed for all age categories in a very accessible and simplified language, also make available timely notification of emergencies, instant alerts about weather changes and possible emergencies by the region.