Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service says Tajik migrant workers in the Russian city of Samara have been scared and confused after Sunatullo Nazriyev, the leader of the Tajik Diaspora in Samara, called on Tajiks who have Russian citizenship and those who want to get Russian passports in an expedited way to join Russia's armed forces involved in Russia's ongoing so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The migrant workers told RFE/RL that Nazriyev warned that those who evade recruitment, and their family members, will be deported to Tajikistan.

After being challenged by migrant workers, Nazriyev said he was misunderstood and meant only Tajiks holding Russian passports needed to heed the warning.

Sunatullo Nazriyev has reportedly called on Tajiks who live in Samara oblast and have Russian citizenship on behalf of the Samara regional authorities to report to the military registration and enlistment offices before February 25 to sign contract to join the “special military operation”.

But in his call, Nazriyev addresses not only Tajiks who have Russian citizenship but in general all migrants on behalf of the Russian authorities promising simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship to them and members of their families or lifelong deportation to all members of their families.