From May 14 to May 20, 2024, the Branch of Caritas Germany in Tajikistan delivered technical means of rehabilitation (TMR) to the National Medical Center “Shifobakhsh” (Qariyai Bolo) in Dushanbe, the State Institution “Children’s Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities” of Chorbogh in Varzob district, as well as to the new hospital in Danghara district of Khatlon province, says press release issued by the Branch of Caritas Germany in Tajikistan on May 23.

Thanks to the logistical support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tajikistan, the Branch of the German Caritas Association in Tajikistan was able to bring more than 100 items of various devices from Germany to improve the quality of medical care and accelerate the rehabilitation process of patients with physical disabilities, especially children.

Technical means of rehabilitation such as special wheelchairs, physiotherapy devices, verticalizers and others will become an indispensable tool for the center’s specialists in their work with patients.  With these means of rehabilitation, each patient will receive an individual approach and professional assistance during rehabilitation process.

The initiative to distribute technical means of rehabilitation exemplifies Caritas Germany’s dedication to advancing healthcare practices and facilitating better patient outcomes.  By partnering with medical and rehabilitation centers, Caritas Germany in Tajikistan aims to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals undergoing rehabilitation treatments.

As part of this initiative, more than 20 local partner organizations, such as CSOs, individuals, and rehabilitation centers, received a significant number of different technical means of rehabilitation.

“Technical means of rehabilitation are very important in improving the efficiency of rehabilitation and care for people with disabilities.  We are confident that these technical means of rehabilitation will help us to make our work even more successful and efficient.  Our goal is to help every patient restore their health and return to a full life,” said Aziza Khojayeva, Secretariat Adviser and Chief Freelance Specialist for Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population of Tajikistan.

Technical means of rehabilitation (TMR) are devices that compensate or eliminate limitations of life activity of persons with disabilities. The main task of the devices is to restore a person’s health, return him or her to society and allow to engage in usual household and labor activities.