Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said on Thursday Moscow is “seriously concerned” by deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

“Despite efforts of Afghan authorities and international military presences, the situation in the sphere of security continues to deteriorate in the country,” he told a session of the UN Security Council.

“Terrorist activities of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other extremists are constantly mounting and undermining the basics of the Afghan statehood and impeding stabilization and restoration. Specific concern is caused by the fact that terrorists actually control several regions of Afghanistan and form parallel bodies of authority there,” Churkin said.

“Today it is important as never for Afghan power structures and international military presences to break the negative security situation by joint effort,” the ambassador said.

Drug trafficking remains the main source of financing the terrorists.

“Despite certain recent positive changes in fighting Afghan drug threat, it is necessary to mount joint anti-drug efforts,” Churkin said.

This week Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited Kabul to sign a bilateral intergovernmental agreement on the fight against illegal drugs. “The implementation of the agreement will enhance joint Russian and Afghan efforts to fight drug crimes,” the ambassador said, adding the special conference on Afghanistan scheduled for March 27 in Moscow will give a political impulse to the solution of the task.