The A/H1N1 incidence rate has grown to 77,201 worldwide, and the mortality rate stands at 332, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.

Over the past two days, the biggest number of new flu cases was reported in the United Kingdom (2,288), where the overall flu rate has reached 6,538, including three deaths, the organization said.

In the reporting period, Chile reported 1,025 new flu cases, WHO said, adding that the total number of flu-infected patients in the country had reached 6,211, with the mortality rate being 12.

In Mexico, the total number of flu-infected patients is 8,680, including 116 deaths, the organisation said.

On June 11 the organization announced the pandemic red alert because of the swift spread of the new flu around the world.

Russia has so far reported three clinically confirmed A/H1N1 cases.

“According to the recent information, there is no information about new flu cases in Russia,” the Federal Consumer Rights and Human Well Being Service said.

Russia is fully prepared for a possible A/H1N1 flu outbreak, Chief General Practitioner Prof. Alexander Chuchalin said earlier.

“There must be no panic, as Russia is fully prepared for a possible outbreak,” he said.