At least 46 journalists have been killed in 21 countries since the beginning of 2009, the International News Safety Institute (INSI) report said.

The reports states that Somalia, Mexico, Pakistan, Iraq and Philippines are documented as the most dangerous countries for journalists.

"The situation in Mexico is causing grave concern with at least three deaths confirmed and three more under investigation," the report said.

According to INSI, the majority of journalists were killed in Asia (13 people), the American continent (10 deaths) and Africa (ten correspondents).

In Pakistan, Iraq and the Philippines three journalists have died in each country. Six reporters in Somalia have died in the troubled state up to the end of July.

However, the number of journalists killed in Iraq has reduced as the safety situation in the country becomes more stable, INSI said. Earlier Iraq was the most dangerous place for correspondents.

INSI''s main aim is to develop safety programs for journalists.