The South Korean Ministry of Unificaiton has given the go-ahead to a trip to North Korea of a delegation of the non-governmental group engaged in rendering humanitarian aid to Pyongyang on Friday. Active members of the group Green Korea United intend to help their northern neighbor implement projects of planting trees and shrubs and train compatriots in using technologies.

The delegation of five experts specializing in planting trees and other environmental protection projects will leave for the North on Saturday for a three-day visit. During that time, they will visit a nursery and a farm engaged in growing yang apple trees to estimate the pace of implementation of the project that was launched there earlier, as well as train local peasants in using modern technologies of irrigation.

After the second underground nuclear test made by Pyongyang on May 25 this year, the South Korean government completely banned the implementation of projects of rendering humanitarian aid to North Korea. Social and cultural contacts with the North were also stopped.