Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took a walk along the Sochi embankment after a working meeting on Wednesday. The prime minister had arrived in the centre of Sochi a couple of minutes ahead of the president. Dmitry Medvedev came to the summer theatre in Sochi in a car, which he drove himself.

During the walk the two politicians continued discussing their work. Nevertheless, they found time to greet vacationers on the embankment.

At first, people didn’t even notice Medvedev and Putin. One woman suggested that they were the doubles of the president and the prime minister. ‘No, we are not doubles, we are alive,’ Medvedev told her with a smile.

After the walk Medvedev and Putin dropped in a cafй to watch a football friendly between the national teams of Russia and Argentine. By the time the two sat at a table the Russian team was already losing 1:3. President Medvedev said that the Russian team had a good start in the beginning of the match and called on the cafй visitor to support their compatriots. A few minutes later, the Russian team scored its second goal.