The Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkiye, Mr. Vasyl Bodnar, has stated that the Turkish company “Baykar” will build a factory for the production of “Bayraktar” attack drones in Ukraine, as agreed.

In an interview with RBK-Ukraine, Ambassador Bodnar noted on August 8 that “Baykar” had already created a company in Ukraine, purchased a plot of land for the construction of the plant and developed its project — the company plans to carry out the plan to the end, because, according to Bodnar, it was "almost a personal commitment of the owners of the company — to make this production in Ukraine."

The ambassador added that Ukrainian manufacturers producing engines, wheels and spare parts will be involved in the production of “Bayraktar” in Ukraine.

RBK-Ukraine notes that Turkiye plays a special role in the “Russian-Ukrainian war.”

“On the one hand, it supplies us with famous Bayraktars and actively carries out intermediary functions.  On the other hand, [Turkiye] strengthens its cooperation with the Russian Federation, actually helping the aggressor country to circumvent sanctions.    From the latest news – an agreement of the official Ankara to pay for Russian gas in rubles and the introduction of the Russian payment system “Mir” by five Turkish banks,” RBK-Ukraine said.