RBC reports that researchers proposed to exclude beef and apples from the list of socially significant products.

The government’s actions to limit prices for socially significant products have a positive result, mainly in terms of the psychological effect.  These are the findings of a study of the state of food security in Russia in the context of high volatility in consumer prices in 2021-2022, writes RBC.

The document was reportedly prepared by the Center for Agricultural Policy of the Institute of Applied Economic Research of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).  Researchers believe that the list of socially significant products itself needs to be revised.

Experts propose to exclude from the list products that are included in the diet of wealthy families – we are talking about beef.  In addition, it is proposed to exclude imported products – for example, apples, or the food that occupies the smallest share in the budget of families.

Earlier it was reported that the cost of crab fat, popular on the New Year’s table among Russians, increased by 10 percent over the year.  The cost of preparing mimosa salad has also increased.   Products for it will cost 344.6 rubles, which is 8 percent more than last year.

Meanwhile, REGNUM cited Konstantin Ordov, Director of the Higher School of Finance of the Russian Economic University named after Plekhanov, saying that it is impossible to remove beef and apples from the list of socially significant products. 

According to Ordov, the solution can and should be more compromise – control over prices for the period of restructuring of the relevant industry or an increase in social support measures for families and citizens in need.