Kabul police say a former female member of Afghanistan's parliament has been killed by unknown gunmen at her home in Kabul.

Hasht-e Subh reports that Mursal Nabizada, a member of parliament (MP) during the former republic regime, was killed by unidentified attackers in Kabul.

Nabizada was shot dead on Saturday night at her home in Arzan Qimat neighborhood of the 12th PD of Kabul city.

Hasht-e Subh says a Taliban spokesman in Kabul has confirmed Nabizada’s death.

TOLOnews says Mursal Nabizada and her guard were killed in an attack by unknown gunmen at her home Saturday night. 

Khalid Zadran, the Taliban’s police spokesman for Kabul, reportedly confirmed the death of the female representative in the former Afghan parliament, saying that preliminary investigation has been launched.

According to TOLOnews, Mursal Nabizada’s brother was also critically injured in the attack.  

Targeted assassinations and mysterious murders have reportedly been on the rise was also critically injured throughout Afghanistan.  In the latest case, a man was killed in the center of Parwan province on January 15, according to TOLOnews

TOLOnews notes that relatives of Nabizada said that the gunmen killed her and her guard Sunday morning at her home.  They reportedly called on the Islamic Emirate to arrest the perpetrators.

“I heard the gunfire and when we went down, they (attackers) had left and my daughter was lying on the ground with blood on the bed alongside my son.  The guard was also killed,” Nabizada’s mother told TOLOnews.

“There was no personal hostility.  I don't know if it could have been a political issue, but there was no personal enmity,” the sister of Nabizada said.

Mursal Nabizada was among the few female parliamentarians who stayed in Kabul after the Taliban seized the power in August 2021.  It is the first time an MP from the previous administration has been killed in the city since the takeover.  

Mursal Nabizada was born in 1993 in Nangarhar.  According to TOLOnews, she was elected as a member of the parliament in 2018 in the 17th round of the lower house of parliament to represent the people of the capital city, Kabul.