As the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches, the United States warns Ukraine that they face a crucial chance to change the course of the war, The Washington Post (WP) reported on February 14, citing U.S. officials.

This is increasing the pressure on Kyiv to make significant gains on the battlefield while receiving increasing amounts of weapons and assistance from the United States and its allies.

Biden officials reportedly claim that recent aid packages from Congress and America’s allies represent Kyiv’s best chance to significantly alter the path of the war, despite promises to assist Ukraine “as long as it takes.”

Many conservatives in the Republican-led House have pledged to pull back help, and Europe’s long-term appetite for funding the war effort remains unclear.

A number of officials reportedly emphasized the strong bipartisan support that has accompanied each 

One senior administration official said of Ukraine’s leaders, “We will continue to attempt to impress upon them that we can’t do anything and everything forever.”

The Washington Post also wrote that the White House was working with Congress to approve an additional US$10 billion in direct budget aid to Ukraine.

The Biden administration is also expected to announce a new major military aid package and impose new sanctions on Russia next week, according to WP.

In recent months, the war in eastern Ukraine reportedly has drawn on slowly, with neither side gaining the upper hand.  Biden officials believe the critical juncture will come this spring, when Russia is scheduled to start an offensive and Ukraine mounts a counteroffensive in an effort to reclaim lost territory.