Chinese media reports say Chinese President Xi Jinping held a trilateral meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Beijing Thursday afternoon.

According to China’s Foreign Ministry, President Xi pointed out that China and the EU share extensive common interests. Cooperation and common ground between the two sides outweigh competition and differences. 

President Xi reportedly stressed the importance of enhancing the stability of China-EU ties. The China-EU relationship does not target any third party, nor should it be dependent on or dictated by any third party. China has all along viewed the relationship from a strategic and long-term perspective and ensured stability and continuity in its EU policy. China hopes the EU will develop a more independent and objective perception of China and adopt a pragmatic and positive China policy, Chinese leader noted. 

Xi said the two sides should respect each other's core interests and major concerns, work through dialogue and consultation to build consensus and overcome differences. It is important to respect each other's development paths, according to him. 

Xinhua cited Xi as saying that playing up the so-called "democracy vs authoritarianism" narrative and stoking a new Cold War will only bring division and confrontation to the world.   

President Xi underlined that China champions true multilateralism and a global governance vision featuring extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefit.

The three leaders reportedly exchanged views on the Ukraine crisis. Von der Leyen and Macron shared the European perspective. They said that they appreciate China's efforts to promote a political settlement and look forward to China playing a more important role. They also said that they are prepared to work with China to find a way to facilitate talks for peace.

Xi stressed that China independently decides its position based on the merits of issues. China's position on Ukraine boils down to supporting talks for peace. China calls on the parties to be calm and rational and jointly create conditions for peace talks.

Xi said the pressing priority is to bring about a ceasefire and oppose actions that further inflame or complicate the situation.  The Ukraine crisis is not an issue between China and the EU. China will continue to play a positive role in facilitating peace talks.

Euronews says Ursula von der Leyen reiterated on Thursday following meetings with President Xi Jinping that China providing military equipment to Russia would "significantly harm" its relationship with the European Union.

She reportedly also urged Beijing to use its influence to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin from acting on his recent threat to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.