The Russian Ministry of Defense has proposed to introduce military registration for prisoners. The draft amendments to the accounting regulations have been published on the official portal of legal acts, Radio Liberty writes.

According to it, people serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty will have to register for military service in a special order - directly in prison or colony, without appearing at the military enlistment office.

"Special military registration is carried out by correctional institutions of the penal enforcement system and military commissariats at the location of institutions of the penal enforcement system," the draft states.

The lists of prisoners liable for military service will be formed by the prisons and colonies themselves, they will be changed as the convicts are staged or released and transferred to the military enlistment offices.

Now the regulation on military registration states that citizens serving a sentence of imprisonment are not subject to registration. It is this sub-item that the Ministry of Defense proposes to cancel.

In June, the State Duma adopted in two readings two bills regulating the conscription of prisoners and exempting from criminal liability in cases of minor and moderate severity of the belligerent Russian military.