The United Nations has deprived Afghanistan of the right to vote at the UN General Assembly sessions due to non-payment of the membership fee of this organization and not providing a valid reason for non-payment.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) reports that according to the list published by the United Nations, Afghanistan, Comoros, Ecuador, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia and Venezuela were six countries that had not paid the membership fee of the United Nations over the last two years.

However, Comoros, Ecuador and Somalia managed to pass this law by providing explanations, but Afghanistan, Ecuador and Venezuela were denied the right to vote due to not providing convincing explanations.

Some experts say that Afghanistan, compared to the rest of the countries on the list of disenfranchised countries, had sufficient reasons for not paying the membership fee and that the lack of effort of the representative of the previous system in the United Nations caused this disenfranchisement.