Uzbek media reports say the Tashkent Administration plans to build a downtown with two 230-meter-tall twin towers in the territory of Ykkasarai industrial zone.

Deputy Mayor of Tashkent, Sharof Rahmanov on January 22 told reporters in Tashkent that the downtown accommodating two 50-story towers and 16 shopping centers, cultural pavilions and apartment buildings will be constructed in the framework of the Day and Night investment project, according to

According to him, the estimated budget for the project is 1 billion U.S. dollars and they will begin seeking investors for implementation of the project in the near future.   

“The main idea is to create a business and cultural center in the heart of Tashkent, which will be the flagship of the capital.  Both towers will rise 50 stories above the ground,” Rahmanov said.

The deputy mayor said the business center will include all the necessary infrastructure for recreation and work of the city’s residents, including shopping centers, hotels, a large park and an exhibition complex.

The project that was developed by Turkey’s Iki Design Group is expected to be implemented in three years.