The national football team of Tajikistan held on the 6th of September a friendly match against the national team of Palestine, which in FIFA ranking occupies the 115th place. The game was played at “Dura” stadium in Hebron and ended in a draw – 1:1.

According to the official website of FFT, our team was leading after the first half, but was unable to keep the winning results. In the beginning of the second half Palestinian national team equalized the result with a penalty. For the national team of Tajikistan the match against Palestine became the 122nd official game during the years of independence of the country. In the previous 121 games our team scored 50 victories, 21 meeting ended in a draw and 50 duels were defeated. During this time the national team of Tajikistan has scored 192 goals and conceded 181 goals.

After the starting our players had several dangerous counterattacks, one of which ended with a goal. On the 39th minute Umejon Sharipov intercepted the ball from an opponent, made a pass on Parvisjon Umarboev, who then redirected the ball to Manuchehr Jalilov.

Our forward did not beat the ball from the penalty line and made an accurate pass to Umarbaev, who left no chance to the goalkeeper of the national team of Palestine. In the beginning of the second half the hosts managed to restore the status quo.

The Palestinians made a corner kick and the ball touched the hand of Nuriddin Davronov. Jordanian referee, who almost the entire match has openly sympathized the owners, pointed to the spot. Carlos Salom did not miss with penalties. Abduaziz Mahkamov guessed the direction, but did not reach the ball in the jump.

Now the national teams of Tajikistan and Palestine are going to play the second friendly match, which will be held on October 3 at the Central Republican stadium in Dushanbe.