Entrepreneurs from Khorog, the capital of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), say their businesses have stopped due to lack of Internet.

They have requested GBAO governor Alisher Mirznabot to help solve the problem, but he reportedly answered them that he could do nothing for them.

“I wonder who then can resolve this problem.  And what then is the governor responsible for, if the region’s economy is stagnating and entrepreneurs don't know what to do?  Who do we need to contact?” wonders local businesswoman Shifo Vatanshoyeva.  

Ms. Shifo Vatanshoyeva, a local entrepreneur who has been doing business in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals for many years, says they have always worked in the public-private partnership format and brought both benefit and income to the region, created new jobs for people. 

She established the first private medical center named Shifo in Khorog in 2019.  Last year, during the coronavirus pandemic, the center provided free assistance to those contracting the infection.  

“Six persons who have been involved in production at our Center do not work now, since we cannot sell our products, because we used to do this through Internet,” said Ms. Vatanshoyeva.

“Besides, we have usually hired up to 30 people in the season, but now we don't work with them either.  People lost their earnings,” said the businesswoman.

Moreover, currently, she is working on a project of one international financial institution.  Under this project, Ms. Vatanshoyeva must digitize her Center’s activities.  “The total estimated cost of completing this project is 9,000 euros; the project was launched early this month and it is due to be finalized by the end of this month,” said the businesswoman.   “Now the project has been temporarily suspendedб but they may completely stop working with us.”  


“Our region turned out to be ownerless”

Ms. Vatanshoyeva has also noted that drugstores in the region also suffer from lack of Internet as they make orders through Internet.  “Therefore, many drugstores in Khorog and nearby districts are empty because of this,” the businesswoman added.    

At the same time, she complains that despite the fact that there is no Internet in Khorog, they are forced to pay for mobile communication taking into account this service.  

According to her, to resolve the Internet issue, they have even applied to officers of the State Committee for National Security (CSNS)’s office in GBAO supervising them. “They promised to pass the request on to the leadership, but the issue is still not resolved,” Vatanshoyeva said.  

“We, entrepreneurs, have never got involved in politics, and our work has always been aimed at development.  But now we are in a very difficult situation, and it turns out that no one is responsible for it.  As the people say, our region turned out to be ownerless, and we have no one to turn to with our problems.  We just want to know who's in charge here, so we can contact him. Why we are involved in politics and why they create a situation for dissatisfaction?” wonders Ms. Vatanshoyeva.