Presided over by Russia’s Trade Representative to Tajikistan, Yevgeniy Korenkov, a working meeting of representatives of Russia’s UMG Construction Equipment Ltd (UMG CE) and Tajikistan’s RemSpetsMash Ltd (Special Machine Repairs) took place in Dushanbe on December 8.       

The parties reportedly discussed issues of promoting Russian-made heavy-duty, municipal and road-building equipment for the needs of the public and private sectors of Tajikistan.  

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Korenkov, in particular, noted, “Currently, China is the leader in the supply of these products [to Tajikistan], but the Russian manufacturer has every chance to become a worthy competitor due to the best price / quality ratio of the manufactured equipment.  I hope that collaboration between UMG CE Ltd and RemSpetsMash Ltd on opening a dealer center here will be a new stage in technical cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan.”  

The parties reportedly agreed to open an official dealer and service center of UMG CE Ltd in Tajikistan in 2022, and in the medium term, they plan to organize assembly of the road-building machines in Tajikistan under the brand of “Made in Tajikistan”.

UMG CE Ltd is a part of the United Machinery Group Holding and brings together the following factories: EXMASH, TVEX, Bryansky Arsenal, ChSDM, UMG Rybinsk.  The main products are wheeled and crawler excavators, material handlers, backhoe loaders, telescopic boom excavators and motor graders. The product range we offer also includes wheel loaders, forestry mulchers, city sweepers, truck-mounted excavators and snow groomers. The manufacturing facilities and engineering centers are located in Tver, Chelyabinsk, Bryansk and Rybinsk, Russia.