Four sportswear producers from Tajikistan are participating in the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods and sportsweare in Munich Trade fare. ITC Tajikistan. 

For the first time, TajikiFour sportswear producers from Tajikistan are participating in the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods and sportsweare in Munich Trade fare. ITC Tajikistan.stan showcases its clothing at the ISPO Munich, the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods and sportswear.

International Trade Centre (ITC) Office in Tajikistan says that Tajikistan has joined over 1,500 exhibitors from all around the globe at the world’s leading trade fair for the sports business Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode (ISPO) with a support of the Integrated Rural Development Project/ TRIGGER. The event was held in Munich, Germany from November 28 to November 30. 

Four sportswear producers from Tajikistan, namely Gulistoni Dushanbe, Nohid, Rahimov A.A., and Vahdat Textile have put on display their latest products at the fair, including sport socks, T-shirts and polo shirts, martial arts clothes (i.e. kimono, boxer clothes, martial arts shoes etc.), sports club wear, football shirts, sports jackets, sports suits and sets, etc.

The Tajikistan delegation, in addition, is reportedly exploring the latest and most innovative sports equipment and fashion, as well as the most recent trends in indoor and outdoor sports, health & fitness, and other segments from world-renowned brands.

In 2020, ITC and GIZ had jointly organized the introductory visit of the Tajik companies to this fair. This year with the support of the EU and GIZ the companies returned to the fair as participants aiming that the fair can be one of the important platforms for establishing first business contacts with the European sports brands, wholesalers and retailers.

ISPO Munich is a B2B trade fair and is considered to be the most important industry event for professionals in the sports business. ISPO Munich is thus an ideal platform for establishing contacts and setting up global business deals.  Currently, some Tajik sportswear producers work with famous sports brands and retail chains, e.g., “Greenhill” and “Decathlon”.  As the next step, the companies plan to approach top sportswear brands and diversify their customer base.

Experts note that it is important for the Tajik companies to diversify their export markets, to improve the quality of products to meet foreign market requirements and customers demand, to increase the export volume, and thus to create more stable jobs in the country.   

ITC believes that participation in international trade fairs provides good opportunities for project beneficiary textile and clothing companies to be competitive in regional markets through the establishment of new business contacts, finding access to the European and other markets, obtaining new information on the sportswear sector developments, and learning more about the global and regional market requirements.

Trade missions indeed are important for the export and import diversification.

The program to ISPO is made possible thanks to the close collaboration between ITC and the Integrated Rural Development Project/ TRIGGER. The Integrated Rural Development Project (IRDP) / Towards Rural Inclusive Growth and Economic Resilience (TRIGGER) is co-funded by the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).  The International Trade Centre’s Global Textiles and Clothing Program (GTEX) is funded by the Government of Switzerland and aims to promote T&C exports and to stimulate employment and income generation along the value chain. Tajik local consulting companies - ACT Development Group (Dushanbe) and Business Consulting Group (Khujand) -- prepared exhibitor companies for this important event, arranged the participation of the Tajik delegation, head and guide the delegation during the fair and trip to Germany.