The Alif Mobi app has successfully passed a security check by Snapsec, according to Alif Bank's Telegram channel.

"A three-month study confirmed that the mobile application Alif Mobi on iOS and Android platforms fully complies with security requirements and no critical vulnerabilities were found - as a result, we received a confirming certificate," the report says.

According to the bank's specialists, this result was an important step to strengthen customer confidence in Alif Mobi. They will continue steps to ensure the safety and reliability of their products in the rapidly evolving digital world.

"As part of the audit, Snapsec experts also offered a number of recommendations to improve security systems, which were implemented by Alif's IT team. This is a continuation of the company's strategy to strengthen security, which began in 2022 in response to the growing number of fraudulent activities in the financial technology industry."

Snapsec, headquartered in London, is known for its cybersecurity services, including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Alif Mobi app from Alif Bank offers users a wide range of services, from paying for government services to transferring money both domestically and internationally.