Available official data on Tajikistan’s electricity exports in autumn-winter period vary: the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources claims Tajikistan does not export electricity during autumn-winter period; Barqi Tojik says Tajikistan exports electricity during autumn-winter period but very little; and the Agency for Statistics says Tajikistan exports much more electricity during autumn-winter period.    

Thus, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources Daler Juma told reporters in Dushanbe on February 1 that Tajikistan exported 2.7 billion kWh of electricity last year , which is 5.0 percent more than in 2022.  

The minister noted that last year, Tajikistan supplied electricity to Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan exclusively in spring-summer period.  

“In autumn and winter, electricity is not exported,” Mr. Juma added. 

Meanwhile, the Agency for Statistics under the President of Tajikistan says Tajikistan exported about US$31 million worth of electricity in September-December (autumn-winter period) last year.

In total, Tajikistan exported about US$110.4 million worth of electricity last year, which is 3.9 percent more than in 2022.  

In 2023, electric power reportedly accounted for 4.5 percent of Tajikistan’s exports.

Barqi Tojik, which now operates just as power generation company, had earlier reported that electricity deliveries to northern provinces of Afghanistan continue in autumn-winter period as well, but in small volumes “solely for the safety of the infrastructure period.” 

The company management claimed that in the cold season, when there is a shortage of electricity in Tajikistan itself, electricity deliveries to Afghanistan are reduced 10 times.  

However, official statistics show that last year, electricity exports to Afghanistan in autumn-winter period really decreased, but not 10 times, but only 3 times.  In May-August, average monthly electricity supplies to Afghanistan amounted to US$22.8 million, and in September-December – US$7.6 million.  

Meanwhile, residential customers in Tajikistan’s rural areas still have had electricity only eight or ten hours per day since late September last year. 

In 2022, Tajikistan reportedly earned 106 million U.S. dollars from exporting electricity to neighboring countries, which was 10.6 percent more than in 2021

In 2022, electric power reportedly accounted for 5.0 percent of Tajikistan’s exports, which is 0.5 percent more compared to 2021. 

Tajikistan has sufficient summer-time (defined as May 1 to September 30) hydropower surpluses to export to the neighboring countries.