In the Varzob district of Tajikistan, a resident of St. Petersburg, 38-year-old Pavel Chernov (Motovoz) crashed while paragliding. This was reported in the Committee for Emergency Situations of the country.

According to the department, the incident happened on September 10.

"Pavel was in Tajikistan on a working trip. As it turned out, he was engaged in cargo transportation, was fond of extreme sports and loved to ride motorcycles. On the morning of September 10, a call was received from an employee of the 201st Russian military base in the republic to the control panel of the operational duty officer of the CoES that a Russian citizen had fallen from a paraglider in the mountains on the territory of Kharangon", - the CES reports.

After arriving at the scene, rescuers began search and rescue operations.

" During the flight, he lost control and fell, and received injuries incompatible with life, died at the crash site", - noted in the Committee.

The department said that the wife of the deceased should arrive in the republic and pick up the body of her husband.

A video of the fall of Pavel Chernov also appeared on the network. It was published by the man's wife Natalya on her page in Vkontakte. The footage from the action camera shows that at some point the paraglider started having problems due to a strong gust of wind. Chernov did not have time to quickly orient himself and collapsed on a rock. Terrible screams can be heard in the background.