Conflict again broke out on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border.

Today, September 14, at about 7 am, a shootout took place between the border guards of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan near the village of Vorukh. This news was confirmed by several local residents, noting that the sounds of gunshots are still heard.

According to a reliable source, military men are moving from the center of Isfara to Vorukh.

Meanwhile, the Isfara City Hall reported that a brief shooting between Kyrgyz and Tajik border guards took place around 7:15 local time.

 "On September 14, at about 07:15, in the border area of Kekh, Vorukh jamoat of the city of Isfara, border guards and military personnel of Kyrgyzstan, without any reason, opened fire in the direction of a detachment of Tajik border guards serving in this area. Based on the current situation, Tajik border guards returned fire", - Isfara administration says in a message.