A video has appeared on social media showing Rustam Ashourov, suspected of being involved in the abduction of the first deputy head of Orienbank Shuhrat Ismatulloyev, communicating with his mother.

Parviz TV posted this video on its social media channels.  

Judging by the video, Ashourov killed his mother from Chisinau airport, when Moldovan police tried to detain him.  

He tells her that he became an accomplice in the kidnapping and murder of a man together with a man named Dilshod.  

“Dilshod told me that there is a man having bitcoins worth US$100-US$200 million, let's hold him up and take them,” says Ashourov.  

To the mother’s question: “Which Dilshod?” Ashourov said: “Dilshod SB.”  

According to him, after that person was detained (kidnapped), Dilshod beat him for a long time, which is why he died.


“What did you do?” the woman asked.


- I was with them


- What did you do to him?


- Nothing. I just took him and threw him into the river.


- Into what river?


- Varzob River.


Recall, Rustam Ashourov killed two security personnel and wounded one another at Chisinau International Airport on June 30.  After Ashourov was refused entry to Moldova, he reportedly “grabbed a pistol from one of the law-enforcement officers of the Chisinau airport, shot two, and took several people hostage.” During his arrest, Ashourov, 43, suffered gunshot wounds.  Authorities in Moldova said he died in custody on July 1.

Radio Ozodi reported on July 4 that the name of another possible suspect in the abduction of Shuhrat Ismatulloyev has become known.  

Two sources in law enforcement authorities reportedly told Radio Ozodi that his name is Dilshod Saidmurodov and he is better known as “Dilshod SB”.

One of the sources told Radio Liberty on the basis of anonymity that is was Dilshod Saidmurodov who had led the group of kidnappers. 

The sources told Radio Ozodi that Saidmurodov fled to Russia via Dushanbe airport on June 24, just a day after disappearance of Orienbank top manager.  

The sources also told Radio Ozodi that Dilshod Saidmurodov had previously served in the Interior Ministry Organized Control Directorate and for some time he had headed the Cybercrime Department at the Prosecutor-General’s Office. 

“He also has an experience of work with the anticorruption agency, but lately he hasn't been working anywhere,” the sources added.  

According to Radio Ozodi’s sources, Dilshod Saidmurodov also has Russian citizenship, and after his departure to Moscow, he is being wanted there.

Radio Ozodi also reported that after the departure of Dilshod Saidmurodov several employees of Dushanbe airport had been fired.