Three people were killed and two others injured on February 5 as a car crashed into a road curb in Roudaki district.

The Interior Ministry’s website says the accident took place at 4:20 pm. 

Opel-Astra, driven by the 29-year-old Gholibjon Taghoimurodov, was moving from Roudaki district to Yovon district, when Taghoimurodov reportedly lost control of his Opel-Astra and it crash into the road curb.  

Taghoimurodov and his four passengers – Sherkhon Teshayev, Mahmadrajab Choriyev, Nourali Taghoibekov and Abdukarim Teshayev, all of them are residents of Roudaki district – sustained serious injuries and were rushed to a hospital. 

Later, Taghoimurodov and his two passengers, Sherkhon Teshayev and Mahmadrajab Choriyev, died in the hospital from their injuries  

The cause of the accident is under way, according to the Interior Ministry’s website.