KHUJAND, January 16, Asia-Plus - In 2005, officers of the Interior Ministry’s Administration for Sughd confiscated 346 unit of firearms from the population, which is 50 unit more compared to the previous year.

The source in the Interior Ministry’s Administration for Sughd has told Asia -Plus that the totaled included 13 sub-machine-guns, 31 rifles and 287 unit of smooth-bore guns, 8 grenades and 1,843 bullets of different caliber.  

“Last year, three crimes involving firearms were registered in the region,” the source said, noting that 45 criminal proceedings were instituted last on crimes involving illegally bearing, possessing, and acquiring weapons.   

State notary in Sughd faces charge of complicity in sexual exploitation of minor 

KHUAJND, January 16, Asia-Plus /Mavluda Rafiyeva/ -- Sughd prosecutor’s office has instituted criminal proceedings against state notary Muhammadi Boboyev.  He faces charges of abuse of office.  

According to information from the Interior Ministry’s Administration for Sughd, under preliminary agreement with Sanoat Ashurova from Khujand Muhammadi Boboyev in April 2003 issued forged document for issuing foreign passport to the underage girl from Khujand, who had allegedly lost her internal passport.  “Thereby he facilitated trafficking the underage girl outside the republic for sexual exploitation,” according to the source.  

This case has been revealed by a special operational group within the regional prosecutor’s office, which is engaged in investigation of such crimes.