DUSHANBE , June 2, Asia-Plus - On Friday June 2, defendants made disorder in a courtroom when judge was reading the sentence passed on them.   .

Judge Alpomish Akbarov, who took in the trial, noted that six persons, including one woman with in infant in arms, charged drug trafficking, illegal possession of weapons and life attempt had been in the dock.  

According to the judge, he demanded that police should take the baby from the woman for the time of the reading of the sentence.  “I demanded this because I feared that she could hurt the baby under emotions, but the woman began crying” said the judge, “Following this the rest defendants began to kick up a racket appealing to their relatives who were in the courtroom.  Their relatives made disorder in the courtroom, breaking chairs and demanding that the baby should be returned to his mother.”  

  The judge had to stop the reading of the sentence and police removed the relatives and others those present from the courtroom.  Nevertheless, the sentenced was read.    

According to Akbarov, the ringleader was sentenced to 22 years in jail and the rest members of this criminal group were sentenced to various prison terms ranging from 12 to 17 years.  

“The baby was returned to the woman straight after the reading of the sentence,” Alpomish Akbarov said.