QURGHONT EPPA, June 13, Asia-Plus - Cases of two employees of Qurghon Teppa State University have moved to courts, according to information from the Khatlon prosecutor’s office.  

Gulmahmad Pirov, an official with the Khatlon prosecutor’s office, has told Asia-Plus, that the university’s chief accountant Nodir Gulov and employee of this higher educational institution Nematjon Chorshanbiyev are charged with misappropriation of 76,449 Somonis and forgery of financial documents. 

Pirov says the Khatlon prosecutor’s office has also completed investigation of case instituted against Qurbonali Murodov, director of the Qurghon Teppa branch of the Enterprise Support Center at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. 

According to the prosecutor, he is charged with having misappropriated 12,903 Somonis from the branch’s budget over the past two years.  According to Gulmahmad Pirov, Murodov has spent these funds for opening barber’s shop at a hostel of the Energy College in Qurghon Teppa (5,702 Somonis), purchasing cotton-processing equipment (3,506 Somonis) and trailer (1,363 Somonis), etc.