Saving the life of his mother the man has killed his brother and got a jail term of twelve years for that.   

The 66 year-old woman from the village of Mehrobod in Fayzobod district, Shiringul Kholova, has written a letter to President Emomali Rahmon asking him to grant amnesty to her 41-year-old son, Zafar Solihov, who was sentenced to twelve years in prison for killing his 43-year-old brother, Khurshed Solihov.

The tragedy took place in late June last year.  In her letter, Shiringul Kholova in particular, notes that Zafar Solihov tried to protect her when Khurshed Solihov being in a state of drunkenness was beating her.  According to her, Zafar pushed Khurshed away and the latter fell and hit his head on the corner and died on the spot.  “It was involuntary manslaughter,” Kholova, noted in her letter. 

The Fayzobod district court sentenced Zafar Kholova to twelve years in prison on March 1, 2018.   

Zafar is married with four children and Shiringul Kholova asks the President to review the case.  “Let independent and competent persons review the case,” she noted in her letter.