US President Joe Biden predicted that if the United States decided to take out its supporters from Tajikistan, the scene with people hanging from the shassis, as in Afghanistan, could be repeated in this country. He stated this on September 11 during a visit to a fire station in Pennsylvania,  writes "Ozodi".

American leader defended his actions to withdraw the US contingent from Afghanistan. According to him, the poll showed that 70 percent of Americans were in favor of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. However, Biden added that many did not like how "we pulled out the troops".

«It's hard to explain to anyone how else this could have been done. For example, if we were in Tajikistan, we would roll out a C-130 (military transport aircraft) and say that we will allow everyone who sympathized with us in any way to board this plane, then in this case there would be people that would grab onto the chassis", - said Biden.