President Emomali Rahmon has ordered to improve the orthographic dictionary (spelling dictionary) of Tajik language.

He remarked this on October 4 while delivering a statement at a meeting with representatives of Tajik intelligentsia.

The head of state ordered to prepare “Orthographic Norms of Tajik Language” in new edition and submit it for consideration to the government by January 2020.  

Emomali Rahmon ordered the Institute of Tajik Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences to improve and publish the orthographic dictionary of Tajik language by July 1 of 2020.  

He emphasized that this issue is of significant importance for society and it must be solved properly and a point should be made in this issue.  

Tajik leader also called on Tajik scientists to conduct electronic cataloging of all words of Tajik language on the basis of ancient and present day sources and enter them into database.  

Rahmon called on scientists and journalists to refrain from using unnecessary loan words and adapt loan words to the nature of Tajik language.  

President’s meeting with representative of Tajik intelligentsia was held on the occasion of the State Language Day, which is marked in Tajikistan on October 5. 

The State Language Day had been celebrated annually on July 22, the anniversary of the designation of Tajik as the state language in 1989, until 2010, when on July 21 President Rahmon amended the date to October 5.

A new law on official languages that went into effect in Tajikistan in October 2009 removed Russian as the “language for interethnic communication.”

It is to be noted that the new date (October 5) of celebration of the State Language Day coincides with birthday of President Emomali Rahmon.