DUSHANBE, March 17, 2011, Asia-Plus - The National Hydrometeorological Service (NMHS) of Tajikistan will be modernized due to financial support of the World Bank, the Hydromet chairperson, Ms. Jamila Bayduloyeva, told Asia-Plus.

According to her, the Word Bank allocates 13 million U.S. dollars for this project and the modernization process will last until 2015.

The National Project of Tajik Hydromet Modernization includes: 1) institutional strengthening of the National Hydrometeorological Service (NMHS), improving personnel and financial sustainability of the NMHS; 2) improving the hydrometeorological monitoring system to provide timely warnings on dangerous hydrometeorological events and support water management; 3) strengthening of the service delivery system; and 4) project management.

The project will be supported by the World Bank through the Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernization Program (CAHMP).

According to the World Bank, this modernization program aims to rebuild the infrastructure and human capacity to reduce disaster risks, manage the consequences of climate variability and underpin the economic development of the agricultural, water resources, energy and transportation sectors.  The CAHMP will help hydromet services in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan improve physical infrastructure required to observe and forecast changes in the environment; increase the capacity and capabilities of the workforce; and develop new business practices to sustain these services.  In addition, the CAHMP will support facilitation of regional cooperation in hydrometeorology, including through sharing of related information.