Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Tajikistan, Ms. Galina Perfilyeva, has officially declared absence of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the country.

WHO representative in TajikistanG. Perfilyeva

She has officially announced this on the air of the Tajik national TV Channel Tojikiston (Tajikistan) and asked the population to practice personal hygiene and refrain from visiting crowded public areas.  

“If we make an effort, then maybe we [Tajikistan] are luckier than other countries,” WHO representative noted. 

“According to official statistics, and we confirm this as we closely collaborate with laboratories conducting PCR testing, no positive COVID-19 (coronavirus) tests have been registered in Tajikistan yet.  Now the whole world is fighting COVID-19.  Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are the two countries in the region of 53 coronavirus-affected counties, where coronavirus cases have not been registered,” Ms. Perfilyeva noted.  

According to her, more than 700 coronavirus tests have been conducted and all tests were negative.  

She further said that Tajikistan had sufficient supply of coronavirus test systems.  In accordance with WHO recommendations, only persons with symptoms of coronavirus are tested for coronavirus disease.