Physicians in the northern province of Sughd deny reports released by some media outlets about detection of the first case of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the area as absolutely baseless.  

“Information about the first coronavirus-related death in Tajikistan does not correspond to the facts,” deputy head of the Sughd health directorate, Marouf Hojiboyev, told Asia-Plus today morning.  

“We just isolated 11 doctors and nurses of a hospital in the Jabbor-Rasoulov district, where a 61-year-old resident of the Yangi-Hayot jamoat, Habibullo Shodiyev died after being hospitalized on suspicion of contracting the coronavirus disease.  His brother and nephew were also isolated.  All the first tests were negative.  Today, they were retested.  So, there have been no confirmed coronavirus cases in Tajikistan yet,” Hojiboyev noted.  

Deputy head physician of the hospital in Sughd’s Jabbor-Rasoulov district, Alisher Abdukarimov, has denied reports that one of their patients died from COVID-19 as ungrounded.

According to him, the deceased Shodiyev had double-pneumonia and high blood pressure.  “But the results of his test for coronavirus were negative,” Abdukarimov said.      

He also said, “I was shocked to read in some media outlets that I allegedly contracted coronavirus and I am in critical condition now.  I am fine.  I played soccer and got a little cold,” the deputy head physician said.

“We were isolated yesterday afternoon and I, as a doctor, approve this step.”