This year, Dushanbe is expected to host auto retro exhibition in late June.  It will be the ninth auto retro exhibition, dubbed “Dushanbe Auto Retro.”

A source within the Dushanbe City Hall says the exhibition will be held by the Republican Club “Auto Retro Exclusive” in the framework of Years of Development of Rural Areas, Tourism and Folk Crafts declared in Dushanbe in Tajikistan.  

The exhibition will take place at the Square named after the 800th Anniversary of Moscow on Janie 26, from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  

The previous eighth auto retro exhibition, dubbed “Retro Auto & Retro Music Fest,” took place in September 2019.  In 2019, the exhibition was timed to coincide with celebrations dedicated to Tajikistan’s Independence.  

The auto retro exhibition is expected feature such legends on wheels of the Soviet Union as the GAZ-M20 “Pobeda” (a passenger car produced in the Soviet Union by GAZ from 1946 until 1958), ZIM-12 (a Soviet limousine manufactured by GAZ from 1950 till 1960), Chaika M-13 (a luxury automobile from the Soviet Union made by GAZ; it was manufactured from 1959 till 1981), GAZ M21 Volga (a passenger car produced in the Soviet Union by GAZ from 1956 until 1972), GAZ-24 Volga (an automobile manufactured by GAZ from 1968 to 1985), several models of Moskvitch (an automobile brand from Russia produced by AZLK from 1945 to 1991), Zaporozhets (it was known as the "hunchback" because of its aesthetically challenged silhouette), several models of Zhiguli (a passenger car manufactured by AvtoVAZ and introduced in 1970), as well as retro vehicles manufactured in Europe and the United States.  

The first auto retro exhibition, dubbed Dushanbe Auto Retro, took place in Dushanbe on April 21, 2013.  The retro car parade started in the center of city and ended at the ring road near Boghi Poytakht.  More than 30 retro cars and motorcycles manufactured from 1931 to 1970 participated in that parade.