On Friday May 21, President Emomali Rahmon met with Tajik youth activists on the occasion of the Day of Youth of Tajikistan, which is celebrated on May 23.  

Rahmon noted that his first meeting with youth activists as head of state too place on March 17, 1994.  

“The main questions and tasks of our meeting were to put out the flame of imposed civil war, unite youth in this very difficult period and mobilize them for creative activity…,” said the head of state.   

“Further, to support young people, form and promote a healthy lifestyle among them, provide employment for this active segment of society, seek ad support new talents and protect rights and interests of the rising generation, it became necessary to create an authorized state body for youth affairs,” Rahmon noted.

The Committee for Youth Affairs was established in May 1997 and May 23 was declared as the Day of Youth of Tajikistan.

“We proclaimed youth to be the creative, creative and leading force of the new society of our country and the future of our people, and we rely on them to this day in solving all issues of society and the state,” Rahmon said. 

With more than 70 percent of the population aged under 35, Tajikistan is one of the world's youngest countries. 

During the meeting, the president also talked about presidential grants and quotas.  According to him, the number of presidential grants for students of general education institutions has increased from 400 to 3,000.   

Ramon noted that the number higher educational institutions in the country has increased from 13 to 41 since 1992. 

“The aim of our measures is to ensure that the future generation, that is, our children, will not be left illiterate,” said the president.   “Because illiteracy is one of the main factors of fanaticism, extremism and religious radicalism among youth.” 

In this regard, he said that it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between the law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Education, the Committee for Youth and Sports Affairs, parents and activists in order to prevent crime among minors and young people.  

“Dear children, never betray your conscience and faith, never betray our beloved homeland, our people and our sovereign state,” said Emomali Rahmon.  “Do not forget that the people do not forgive betrayals and traitors.”

“You should be proud to be the generation of the independence period and live in free and sovereign country…  We relay rely on youth as a great creative force, and we are sure that you will honorably cope with the great historical mission entrusted to you,” the head of state said.