A mouthpiece of the Tax Committee under the Government of Tajikistan, Boju Khiroj, has published a list of twenty-nine popular local bloggers “who are doing illegal business and do not pay tax on their income  not pay tax from their income.”

According to the Tax Committee, these bloggers receive income from posting videos to YouTube that carry advertising.  

The Tax Committee states bloggers must apply to the tax bodies for state registration of their activities; otherwise, "tax legislation suggests such measures as control inspections and imposition of administrative fines.”  

The Tax Committee says that «despite repeated warnings they [bloggers] have not yet registered their activities.”

“Findings of tax inspections have shown that some popular bloggers show irresponsibility, work without documents confirming that they are engaged in business, says an article published in Boju Khiroj weekly.  

According to the Tax Committee, they have the ability to monetize their channel in YouTube.   

Recall, the Tax Committee in late February gave local bloggers a term until April1 to show up at the tax service to register and pay taxes on any profits.

Tax Committee officials said at the time that some popular local bloggers receive money by advertising products and products of large companies on their pages and channels, and therefore must pay taxes.

According to them, there were 29 social networks or channels with audiences of between 3 million and 19 million subscribers as of March 1, 2021.   

Meanwhile, most bloggers in Tajikistan said at the time that they are not seeing anything like huge revenues.

Some local experts consider that imposition of taxes on bloggers gives Tajik authorities more leverage over its citizens posting on social networks